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Elizabeth Moreau Kallop

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Debut EP | MAYBE YET, THOUGH | is available now for digital download and streaming! 

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Tracks Include:

1. Walk On  Inspired by children in Tanzania on behalf of whom I have worked since 2009.  More about that work here

2. Merci Bien  Written about  an encounter with a French man traveling the world.
3. Grand Street Written about my evening commute home one night on the L train in Brooklyn. 

4. Crossing the River Inspired by the work of LiNK; written from the perspective  of a North Korean's journey to freedom.
5. 'Til Then  A lullaby for my late father, John C. Kallop.

Indiegogo Campaign | July-August 2017

After giving an impromptu concert to a small crowd during a work trip in Marrakech in May 2017, I was asked why I wasn't sharing my music and truly pursuing it. One in the crowd, Nana Oforiatta-Ayim, founder and director of the ANO Institute of Contemporary Arts in Accra, extended a very generous invitation to the Chale Wote Street Art Festival in Accra, telling me I should release my music and perform during the weeklong festival. Having no excuses except a little fear(!), I accepted the invitation. I used this video for my recent indiegogo campaign to record and release my first EP! 

Recording & Releasing my 1st EP - Maybe Yet, Though


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